What To Avoid At Hen’s Party?

What is the best way to enjoy a good night out with your closest friends? Well, dressing up in stylish clothes and going for a nice chat over some drinks at the bar is often what you might think of. However, one thing that attracts more attention than anything else are wild parties! If you are thinking about having this kind of event, there are some things that you should definitely avoid.

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1) The Hen’s Party Purge

You might have heard or read about it already. It’s when all participants gather in one room and get blind drunk until the last person on his feet has passed out. Once everyone seems to be knocked out, people start taking off their clothes and continue partying while being completely naked. This ritual actually began as a way to humiliate the bride-to-be and make her lose her inhibitions so she would be more approachable once married.

In some parts of the world, it is still popular to have this kind of party but you should be careful about any lasting repercussions if you want to avoid them at all costs. This practice has been known for a long time as a ‘hazing’ ritual which some people use in order to intimidate the new members into joining secret societies.

2) Hen’s Party Strippers

Chances are that your friends will think of going for a wild night out, just like you did when planning your own hen’s party. However, do not get involved with any inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour with strippers because it can quickly get out of hand. Many women have had their dresses ripped off by these professional dancers and ended up in a very dangerous situation because there was no one to protect them.

Moreover, the chances are that your guy friends will feel demoralized if they end losing against professional strippers every time!

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3) Ruining The Bride’s Wedding

It might sound like it is great fun to fill up the bathtub with some bubbles, plastic ducks and perhaps even some sexually suggestive toys but you should not do this during the hen’s party! First of all, it is highly disrespectful especially if you did something similar at another friend’s wedding or baby shower.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the of her wedding, do not engage in this kind of activities, especially not when alcohol is involved. 

4) Overdoing It With The Food And Drink

It might be difficult to know when you should stop but try your very best not to ruin everyone’s night with too many games and drinks! Even though it may seem like a good idea to organize fun events in order to break the ice, you will see that most people won’t be up for it after the first couple of drinks.

It is a much better idea to create a playlist with fun songs and take everyone’s requests instead. The last thing you want is for people to miss their flight back home because they were too wasted!

5) Forgetting About Safety Precautions

You should put the safety of your friends above all else during the hen’s party, especially if it involves alcohol or any other potentially harmful activities. Even though you might be completely comfortable looking after yourself, there may be times when one of your friends will need your help so do not let them down by forgetting about this aspect.

Most importantly though: do not forget that you are responsible for anything that happens at this time and place so make sure that nothing bad takes place under your watch!

It is important to remember that the hen’s party is supposed to be a fun event so you should stay away from anything that can go wrong! Moreover, if someone does something that might harm others, do your best to still have fun without them even though it might be tough at times.

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