Net Branching

net branches

Net branches are a new concept for mortgage brokers, and the potential upside is enormous. A licensed mortgage company has an agreement with a net branch manager, and they are responsible for all branch expenses and hiring branch employees. The branch manager pays for office leases, hires employees, and closes loans on behalf of the licensed mortgage company. The net branch is not a licensed mortgage company; instead, it pretends to be one to get the business. Click here –

 A New Concept For Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage net branch companies earn a commission on the loans they close, but they have to pay a portion of the earnings to their parent mortgage lending company. Therefore, when choosing a mortgage lending company, be sure to choose a company with a good reputation. Size also matters. While a bigger company will attract more customers, a smaller one may perform better in some areas. So, you must take your time to research the company before signing a deal.

The first step in deciding whether to partner with a net branching company is to determine the culture. Does the culture of the organization reflect the importance of individual workers? An “all about us” company may have an impersonal culture that treats branches like numbers. Several Fortune 500 firms have a culture that reflects individual importance. You can determine whether a company has such a culture by asking potential branch managers to provide references. In addition, they are more likely to have an integrated technology platform.

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