Gaming Venues in Italy

Gaming Venues Italy

Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus Covid-19, Vogila di Vincere Italy were forced to close their doors. However, the government lifted the ban on 12 June and allowed these gambling venues to reopen. However, strict measures were implemented to protect the public and employees. Punters had to wear protective face masks, wash their hands often, and adhere to social distancing rules. Here are some tips to avoid getting contaminated at a gaming venue in Italy.

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Italian gaming regulations include a ban on advertising games with cash prizes in national media. Nevertheless, this ban does not apply to specialised media such as newspapers and magazines. Licensed and certified operators are required to invest substantial sums of money in the country’s iGaming sector, which is estimated to be worth EUR103.6 million in January 2021. The market is predicted to grow by over 50% over the next three years, reaching EUR1 billion in revenue.

While Italian LAN rooms are not allowed in all cities, the government has taken a different approach. While the Italian government has confirmed that it plans to regulate the gaming industry, the Customs and Monopolies Agency recently seized equipment from esports venues in the country after receiving a complaint. In the meantime, the agency is investigating whether the equipment used by the venues complies with health protection and gambling taxation laws.

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