Body Piercing Supplies

Body piercing jewelry is made specifically for the purpose of body piercing. The jewelry comes in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate the site where it is pierced. Body piercing jewelry is generally made from titanium, gold, or surgical steel. This makes it ideal for people who want to create unique looks.

It is crucial to choose the correct piercing tools and supplies to avoid infection. High-quality piercing instruments should be made from surgical-grade stainless steel. Also, make sure to sterilize piercing instruments before using them to avoid any contamination. It’s best to purchase surgical-grade needles and a surgical sterilizer.

Body piercing supplies should include clean gloves, freshly opened needles, alcohol prep pads, and sterilized cotton. You should also have a good sterile piercing area and instructions manuals for your clients. The instructions should be easy to understand and follow and should include photos, diagrams, and numbered instructions.

Body Piercing supplies also include tools for piercing. Needle holder: Use this tool to hold the needle as it is inserted into the body. It helps ensure the needle goes through the skin accurately. A needle holder is also necessary to ensure the correct placement of jewellery. It will also help keep the client’s tissue in place while the needle is in place. Forceps: Another useful body piercing supply is a set of septum forceps. This tool features a small tunnel at one end that makes it easier to receive the needle.

Autoclave: For sterilizing your piercing instruments, you must have an autoclave. The autoclave is an expensive piece of equipment, but it will kill bacteria and prevent any transmission of infectious diseases. It is an essential piece of equipment for any body piercing studio. It is important to sterilize your equipment before using it, as bacteria and other infections can spread easily through contaminated equipment.

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