Choosing Fidget Toys for ADHD

It is a well known fact that children who have ADHD have problems with impulsive and distractionary behavior, which are two characteristics of fidget toys for ADHD. Children with ADHD commonly cannot sit still, are often hyperactive, have poor impulse control, and can become distracted easily. A fidget spinner, puzzles, and arts and crafts accessories can help to calm hyperactivity and increase focus in children with ADHD.


Many online sellers sell fidget toys for ADHD. Most of these fidget toys are made from plastic or other strong, durable materials. They are not typically made with wood or metal, which are more common with traditional wooden toys. Many of the fidget spinners designed for children with ADHD are also specially hand crafted by artists and craftsmen. These extra attention to detail and careful craftsmanship make the fidget spinners more attractive to parents who want to give their child an activity toy they will enjoy for hours.


Because many children with ADHD have problems focusing and staying organized, these types of toys are particularly well suited for this age group. If you are shopping for fidget spinners or other ADHD toys, you may also want to consider buying other educational toys and activities for your child to engage in. A trip to the local library or bookstore may be just what your child needs to stay entertained.

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