Reasons Why Companies Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

More and more businesses are switching Serviced Apartments for their housing requirements. The increase in the need for serviced apartments is attributed to remarkable convenience and expense control over the old standard of prolonged stay hotels. As customer awareness increases numerous businesses are discovering that serviced homes are advantageous for many factors. Here are the top 5 reasons that business are switching to serviced houses and to know how housing anywhere works, read this blog and I’m sure that you will like it.

Serviced Houses Provide Cost Savings Over Hotel Stays.

The key to the continued success of the serviced house model is cost control. With less cash invested in staffing, house cleaning, and keeping a bar and restaurant short-term stays apartments have a lower operating expense. The operator can charge less for the service, particularly over longer-term rentals.

Privacy And Security

All apartments or condos are managed and have reception locations with on-site supervisors. The function of these managers is to ensure that the guests have safety and security. A lot of houses are also equipped with discreet entrance locations and videophone entryway facilities so you can monitor who is reoccurring. This allows visitors an excellent degree of personal privacy and self-reliance.

Stay For A Brief Time Or For A Long Time

With a home, you have the alternative of remaining one night or you can remain a few months if you require or desire to. It’s easy and hassle-free and will please your requirements no matter the length of time you are staying.

Expense Effective

You do not have to downgrade to 2 stars to make your trip affordable. Serviced apartments give you luxury lodging without the substantial hotel price tag. Not only will you have trendy and comfortable accommodations at a cost-effective price, but you can save by preparing all your meals in the kitchenette and storing groceries in your house fridge. Removing or cutting down on the meals you eat out will make a huge distinction to your vacation budget plan.

You can use the money you conserve to do more shopping or spend more on remarkable experiences in your chosen city. When searching for rates of apartments, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that numerous are priced competitively to hotels, and are in some cases even less expensive than remaining at a confined hotel space.

That ‘Home Far From House’ Feeling

Many people select serviced homes due to the fact that they have that ‘home far from home’ sensation. Instead of a cold, unfriendly hotel room, you’ll have a big accommodating space with comfy furnishings and an unwinded environment. If you stay in a serviced apartment, you’ll no longer feel a sense of being homesick. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re staying at your brand-new (temporary) home, which is only going to offer you more time to unwind while on holiday.

The included personal privacy of serviced apartments will give you comfort as you relax. Having all your amenities and eating needs looked after in one well-thought-out area will offer you peace of mind as you don’t need to fret about sharing cooking or cleaning areas as in hostels or some motels. Having house comforts such as DVD players, music systems, Wi-Fi, and private telephone lines all make the experience even more comfortable.


Staying in a serviced apartment or condo offers you the option to eat in or eat out, which is fantastic, especially if an individual is away for a long duration and wants to lead a life and try beyond work similar to when they’re back house.


Serviced apartments use the exact same requirement in lodging as you will find in many good quality hotels, that’s what they’re competing against and so owners make sure the standard of furniture and furnishings are high. Bed linen and towels are offered, as well as a totally equipped cooking area, including dishwasher and washing device in some circumstances (or one will be offered centrally), TV, DVD and not forgetting broadband.

As company travel has actually progressed to consist of more global projects and extended stays, the needs of company travellers have progressed too. Serviced apartments will continue to grow and be an important lodging solution as travellers look for more space, facilities and a home-like environment.

Better For Company

For company travellers, serviced apartments or condos use a range of advantages over hotels. To start with, in a serviced home you’ll get an appropriate area to work– rather than needing to have the laptop computer in bed. With longer service stays, this becomes increasingly important. Likewise, the house away from the home sensation of a serviced apartment or condo helps for routine corporate travellers missing home comforts and household. Plus, it’s frequently more economical for organizations. A two-bed house is much cheaper for 2 different travellers, and you’ll save on food and laundry because of the facilities on offer.

Much Better For Hosting

For apparent factors, a serviced house is a much better option for anybody wishing to entertain anyone. For service tourists overtaking clients, you’ll have a much-need space different from your bedroom. And for those visiting friends or family, it offers you the option of hosting, and not constantly relying on those you are visiting.


In contrast to a hotel, you’ve now got outright personal privacy, more area, self-catering facilities and another added benefit in the form of weekly or day-to-day housekeeping services.

Complete cleaning, as well as daily linen and towel replacement services, usually come standard with serviced homes, so you won’t need to worry about needing to tidy up after yourself, or clean any of the linen.

However, this is an option, so if you’re happy to do it yourself, then just let the service provider understand– that’s the appeal of a serviced house.

Serviced Apartment Or Condos Are Great For:

  • Families– If you are travelling with your family, specifically kids, a serviced home is the very best choice. A Lot of houses are kid-friendly with a backyard.
  • Business tourists— If you’re on an organization trip, there are lots of areas for you to work. In hotels, you’ll normally wind up working on the bed, which can often be a bit too comfy to get any work done.
  • Relocation– if you are transferring to a brand-new city, a serviced home can be your base till you discover appropriate accommodation. Then you can take your time to find accommodation that suits your needs.
  • Medical tourists– A serviced house is geared up with a kitchen, hence it offers the freedom to prepare according to the terms defined by the medical professionals.

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