How To Update Your Business Details?

If you make changes to your business such as your service name, structure, or contact details, you need to talk about the stakeholders in your company and relevant agencies, governments and organisations.

The modification in your company scenario will dictate who you inform.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Organization Register (ABR) require you to report modifications within 28 days. 

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Update Your ABN Details

It’s your responsibility to preserve your Australian business number (ABN) details.You need to update your information within 28 days of becoming aware of changes.

Upgrading your ABN details will ensure:

  • the right people have the ideal approvals to act on behalf of a company
  • federal government firms have current information– for example if emergency services need to call organizations during natural disasters
  • you are ready for new government services when they appear.

Update Your Registration Details

You require to keep your registered company information approximately date with the ATO and ABR, such as your:

  • postal, e-mail and company address
  • primary organization activity
  • banks account details
  • authorised contact person details

Update Your Company Details

You’ll require to notify ASIC if you’ve changed your company details, such as your:

  • company addresses
  • officeholders
  • share details
  • members

Addresses You Need To Keep Updated

The following addresses should be updated with ASIC.

  • Service of files address
  • This need to be a physical street address or postal address in Australia. We use this address to send out main notices and letters to you and it will appear on the public register.

Principal Business Address

This should be a physical street address in Australia. It is the main area where you carry on business and will appear on the public register.

We’ll just display the postcode, suburban area and state or territory of registration if you run as an individual and your principal place of organization is your house address.

  • Email address
  • Your e-mail address is utilized by ASIC to send main notices and correspondence. This includes your service name record of registration, renewal notifications and any invoices.
  • Your email address will not appear on the public register.
  • Mobile number
  • You have the alternative of offering your mobile number to us to receive reminders or notifies by text.
  • Your mobile number will not appear on the public register.

Authorised Contact

Just main contacts (consisting of public officers), authorised contacts, signed up tax representatives, registered BAS representatives, briefly designated tax experts and specialist tax advisers can contact us on behalf of an entity.

Different entity types will have various main contacts. For example: 

  • If the trustee for a trust is a company, the main contact will be the public officer.
  • If the trustee is a company that isn’t signed up with us and therefore doesn’t have a public officer, it is the director of the trustee company as listed with ASIC.
  • You might require to use or cancel for recently designated authorised contacts where appropriate.
  • You need to ensure that any update to your authorised contacts likewise includes a review of who has actually been authorised to act on behalf of your company in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Keep in mind that authorisations in RAM will not change the authorised contacts for your business, to do this see How to update your details.

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