Should You Buy Or Lease Your Office Copier? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Should you buy or rent your next workplace photocopier? Ever heard the saying, The devil is in the information? Well, this famous saying applies to your service procedures and strategies, and how your workplace innovation operates, such as your office photocopiers.

As an entrepreneur or even an office supervisor, part of your duties consists of being economically savvy while making sure your staff has actually the devices needed to perform their tasks efficiently, such as a workplace photocopier.  What Is The Difference Between Photocopy And Print? Click here to read more.

Advantages And Downsides Of Buying A Workplace Photocopier


From a financial perspective, when you buy an office copier, it is less expensive in the long-run. You will recover your financial investment if you keep it long enough. You do not need to worry about any stipulations about how much and in which ways you can utilize your photocopier.


You now assume full duty for the maker when you buy an office copier. Your service is responsible for all of the service and maintenance.

There are 2 primary types of service equipment leases: operating leases and capital leases.

  • Operating leases: A lot of companies choose operating leases, likewise called fair market price leases, because they use lower monthly payments than capital leases. 
  • Capital leases: When a business gets a capital lease for a tool, it’s more like a loan on the money than leasing on the equipment, so the interest and principal being paid is going toward the cost of the photocopier, and the copier goes on the lessee’s balance sheet.

Consider Technological Upgrades

Lease terms typically cover between three and 5 years. This finite time-period means you will likely upgrade your photocopier equipment at the end of your contract term. Think what ties into your office equipment’s performance?

Should I Lease?

lease or buy photocopier?

Leasing can be simpler to budget for. For companies that don’t have room in their spending plan to spend countless dollars at one time, particularly if you’re buying numerous machines, breaking up a big payment over 2-3 years can make more affordable sense.

As we formerly went over, the overall rate of a leased photocopier does generally wind up costing more than one you purchase. Keep in mind that photocopier innovation is continuously altering. Particularly as the world becomes cyber and increasingly digital security ends up being more of chief concern for services, more recent models will continue to be launched.

The Benefits Of Leasing:

  • Leasing keeps your equipment up-to-date. Printers and photocopiers ultimately become obsolete. With a lease, you pass the monetary concern of obsolescence to the equipment renting business.
  • You will understand your regular monthly expenditures. With a lease, you have a predetermined regular monthly expense, which can assist you budget plan better.
  • You do not require a deposit. Many small businesses struggle with cash flow and must keep their money readily available to assist grow their organization.

The Challenges Of Leasing:

  • You’ll pay more in the long run. Ultimately, leasing is almost always more expensive than acquiring
  • You still have to keep paying even if you stop utilizing the devices. Depending upon the lease terms, you might need to make payments for the entire lease duration, even if you no longer require the devices, which can take place if your organization changes.

Benefits Of Purchasing 

  • Less expensive
  • Recover investment
  • No contracts

Drawbacks Of Purchasing 

  • Initial expense
  • Replacement costs
  • Constant standards harder to maintain

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