How To Transport Your Wedding Gown


Now that you have actually selected the best bridal gown, you’ve got to choose how to get it home and then to your wedding event place, and it’s not always as easy as you might believe. From gowns covered in delicate decorations to those made with material that wrinkles quickly, to ones that are simply plain huge (hey there, princess dress!), a lot of need to be managed with care when in transit, whether you’re travelling by vehicle, aircraft, bus, or train. Whether you’re having a destination wedding that is a little far away from home or requires to be driven ten minutes down the road to your place, every bride wants to ensure they care for their bridal gown for so it remains pristine and smooth for the day.


Once the dress is in your hands, do not let it leave your sight (unless you’re handing it off to a trusted seamstress). You may select to have your bridal beauty salon ship you the gown or you might opt to choose it up from the shop, but once you have actually gotten it, prevent delivering your dress– it could get damaged, taken, or lost (yikes). When taking a trip with your bridal gown fill the corset and sleeves with tissue and cover the whole dress with clean sheets, to be attractive and safely glowing. Also, you can put the dress in a tough garment bag or fold carefully in a strong dress box.


Woman in Wedding Dress


I ‘d definitely recommend storing your dress in a flat garment bag as your carry-on rather of examining it. An more empty flight might permit you to save it in a vacant seat, however, if it’s large, you’re too nervous, or you have the cash to invest, think about just purchasing the dress its own seat.


How to Fold and Pack Your Wedding Dress


Finding out the very best way to pack and fold a wedding gown may give you more comfort, even if you’re taking a trip brief distances. Plus, after the event is over, you’ll need to understand how to safely store your bridal gown. We’re offering you the scoop on everything you need to learn about how to securely and thoroughly transport your wedding gown!


Get a hard-backed continue to prohibit anyone from stuffing their bags above your bag in the overhead bin. Choose something made from water-resistant product to avoid any possible leakage from damp items in other bags or rain on your travel day. Wedding dress transport box will hold your bridal gown and allow you to bring it safely on your back. We know you do not want to let it out of arms reach! The zippered pouches along the side are the ideal location to tuck those other extremely essential products, like heirloom jewellery, the garter, rings, headpiece, and special lingerie.



Most bridal gowns have trained and many have lots of material, so gathering your wedding dress neatly into a garment bag isn’t necessarily an instinctive job. Here’s how to pack up your bridal gown effectively and prevent getting wrinkles in your dress during the flight. Stick the wall mount of the gown through the top of the garment bag and hang it up high so you can work with the wedding event dress. Then, take the left side of the dress and the ideal side of the dress and fold them into each other towards the centre.


From there, take the bottom of the train and roll it up until the material is contained within the garment bag. Once inside, it’s time to zip it up– thoroughly. Whenever you zip up a garment bag with fragile fabric inside, ensure to place a finger on the other side of the zipper as you direct it up so that the dress does not get caught in its tongs.

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