What is the best Bosch Washing Machine of this year? A final verdict about this type!

One of my requirements was to have at least one A++ Bosch wasmachine kopen. It became an A+++ in the end. I think the environment is important, but I also calculated (for my husband) how quickly you can recover the price difference between the two groups. That was within two years and a washing machine will last a lot longer. In the end we save money by using a more efficient machine.

We have a separate laundry room in the house. With the door closed you can hardly hear anything about the machine and our bedrooms are a long way away from it. So I don’t care about sound. If you live in a flat, the number of decibels will be an important requirement to make the washing machine suitable for your situation.

  • Of course you can also take a look at the shop it supplies, maybe you have a shop in the village that offers a very good service that you are happy to support. Then you should ask for the possible models. Finally, there is something new on the market every year, so I won’t be able to mention all the options here. You have to dive into that yourself.
  • Most comparison sites have a bar for this to turn options on and off. They will go with the times! Time to start searching!

4. Find the best options on the comparison sites

You can search very well on comparison sites. I myself recommend the Witgoedland website. If you search by buying a washing machine, you will find a 3-5 machines that I find interesting in terms of price, brand and options. I enter the names and models on Google. I then spend about 10 minutes per machine to read reviews. After that I continue to the last step.

5. Make your decision

Scanning within ten minutes will give you a reasonable idea of the advantages and disadvantages of a machine. For me it was a battle between two washing machines that were both around the same price and both had all the options I wanted. I started investigating them in much more detail.

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