Pigeon Control Phoenix

Pigeon Control Phoenix – Providing guaranteed pigeon control solutions for any pigeon problem – commercial or residential. With literally tens of thousands of pigeon control jobs under our belts in the Metro Phoenix area since 1991, there isn’t a pigeon problem that we can’t solve. We have extensive experience with pigeon netting, spikes, repellents, deterrents, trapping, pigeons under solar panels, pigeon poop removal and much more. We’ve been in business since 1991, maintain an A+ BBB Rating, give free inspections and firm price quotes, and guarantee all of our work. Check out our online reputaion here: Goldshot on Google and see why we’re your best shot for guaranteed pigeon control.


Pigeon Control Phoenix

Parking Garages can be a haven for birds and pigeons. The design of these parking structures have many nooks and crannies to roost and nest into. That is where Abolish comes with their years of extensive bird control expertise. We know the right tools and products to use especially when it comes to dealing with birds and parking garages.

These are the steps we take in effectively removing birds from your parking structure or building:
1) Inspection

2) Cleanup, Decontamination, and Preparation

3) Proofing

4) Finishing Touches


Best Solution for parking garages and structures–BirdSlide
What separates us from the other pest control companies is that bird control is a big industry and it takes experience and accumulated knowledge to do it right. We know this and have been in this industry since 1985. Many times we find ourselves at job sites to fix what other companies have failed to do. They don’t use the right product for the job.

Learn more about what other companies do and what we do.

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