What can you do with all accounting software these days?

Help with your accounting

For many entrepreneurs, bookkeeping is a somewhat annoying side effect. It is often difficult and time-consuming and choosing a goedkope zzp boekhouder should help you out with most troubles. And although an accounting program makes bookkeeping a lot easier, there will still often be questions. It is therefore important to choose an accounting package with good auxiliary functions. We have listed the most important auxiliary functions. Also its important to know in which city you need a bookkeeper. Most likely you will try to find a offerte boekhouder Eindhoven or a offerte boekhouder Amsterdam, but it might be smart to compare prices before you start.

Auxiliary functions when starting up your accounting

When setting up accounting in a new accounting package, it is important to get off to a good start immediately. After all, a good start is half the battle. In most cases, you start accounting with entering the opening balance (your assets, fixed assets, etc.). When you have just started your business, you start entering the first invoices. Good starting aid is very important here. Examples of auxiliary functions that help you set up the administration are:

  • An online course in text / video
  • An appointment with an expert at your home / company or by telephone / via Skype
  • A training online in the form of a webinar or classroom on location

Auxiliary functions with the further use of your accounting package

Once you have started accounting and the foundation has been laid, there will occasionally arise situations where you do not know what to do. It is then useful if you can find information quickly. Various auxiliary functions are possible for this:

  • Manuals or fact sheets with extensive explanations about different topics
  • Video training that supports the manuals
  • A knowledge base in which you can easily find the answer to questions with the help of one or more keywords
  • FAQ: a list of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers

When you really can’t solve it

Sometimes the accounting package tools do not provide the answer to your question or the answer is not clear enough for you. In that case it is nice if you can contact a help desk. This can often be done through different channels:

  • Via mail
  • by phone
  • Via chat
  • Via social media

Do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk of your accounting package. There are no stupid questions and errors in your accounting are absolutely not desirable.

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